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How to Write a Rate Increase Letter

Rate Increase Letter

© Ugur Akinci

There are many times when you’d need to write a rate increase letter and deliver bad news without losing your customers or the other party.

The best way to do it is to cushion the bad news with at least two pieces of good news and then dropping the hammer as though it were an afterthought.

Here is an excellent example of a rate increase letter from the cable company, Verizon.


The letter opens with a REMINDER of the GOOD SERVICE they are currently providing me with. This prevents me from immediately adopting a defensive posture.

“We hope you are enjoying all the benefits your Verizon FIOS TV service has to offer — ” and it proceeds to give a list of the goodies. The keywords here are all positive: “hope,” “enjoy,” and “benefits.” This is followed by other positive phrases like “instant access” and “hottest shows.”


The second paragraph is a sales pitch about how better the service can get if I also purchase their “HBO Package.” I’m informed how I can enjoy my favorite movies for “endless hours” “in the comfort of your home.”

“Award-winning original series, blockbuster movie premiers, acclaimed documentaries and world championship boxing” are all mine for just a few bucks extra.

Still there are no bad news over the horizon since there is no obligation to purchase this extra package (I actually have already bought this package, which attests to the generic nature of the letter).


Then comes the REAL REASON why the letter was written, introduced almost like an after thought:

“We also need to let you know that the rate of your HBO Package will be increasing from $15.99 to $16.99 a month, effective on January 17, 2010, or at the end of your promotional term.”


There is obviously a disconnect between the earlier paragraph which was written in the future tense (“you WILL get this and that” with the HBO package) and this third “bad news” paragraph (which informs me that the monthly fee for the same package is going up).

But despite that structural weakness this is still a well-written letter since it coats the rate increase well with the earlier list of positives.

Don’t reinvent the wheel; emulate the same. Always deliver any bad news after dwelling on the positives. You’ll have a higher rate of success in communicating your message through with minimal push-back.


Airport Security Officer Resume Sample

© Ugur Akinci

Airport Security Officer Resume Sample

Pat Brown 
123 Main Street, Any Town, STATE, 10001 | [email protected]


Alert and responsible airport security officer with certification and work experience is looking forward to serve the public at a major airport in the United States or Canada.


• Balanced, patient, cool-under-pressure personality.
• Great physical stamina and endurance (Black Belt in Karate).
• Responsible and punctual team player.
• Encyclopedic knowledge of surveillance cameras, detectors and alarm systems.
• Warm public persona; excellent public relation skills.


Burbank, CA Lead Transportation Security Officer
2006 – December 2008• Managed an airport security team of 9 and scheduled the workflow.
• Interviewed junior security officers during the hiring process.
• Provided liaison between the Airport and TSA authorities.
• Held meetings with senior management and designed a new inspection regime to close the system loopholes.
• Prepared annual reports for the Airport senior management.
• Supervised the training of bomb-detection dogs.

Transportation Security Officer

• Scanned passengers at the airport checkout gate.
• Inspected cargo with hand-held detector at the corporate warehouse.
• Received training and got certified in Emergency First-Aid.

Transportation Security Officer
1999 – 2002

• Provided armed site security at the gate and loading area.
• Screened the passengers at the checkout gate.
• Worked as part-time Checkout Supervisor to ease the workload


Emergency First-Aid Certificate

University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse, Psychology Department
LaCrosse, WI
Bachelor of Art in Psychology
February 1999


Black Belt in Karate
Firearms Instructor, NRA, Los Angeles Chapter.
Languages: Fluent in Spanish. Can read French.

Available upon request.


How to Write an Overdue Payment Letter

Overdue Payment Letter

© Ugur Akinci

A well-written overdue payment letter could be the difference between a business that gets paid on time and profits and one that goes bankrupt.

This is not an easy letter to write due to its sensitive nature. You do not want to be impolite or threatening and lose the the other person. Yet you also want to be assertive and firm within your rights and hold the other person to the other end of the bargain. It’s a delicate balance act to pull off.

Here is one example of an overdue letter that you can use as a template for all your overdue payment letters, by replacing the appropriate parts with your relevant information:



October 9, 2009

Pat Brown
123 Main Street
Main Town, NY 10001

Dear Pat Brown,

When you agreed to purchase the XYZ product [service, magazine, etc.] you asked us to bill you in three easy payments of $25.99 each.

Our records show that your first payment is now overdue by 30 days.

If you believe our records are not correct we’d certainly love to hear from you to correct our records and set the matter straight.

If you’ve just forgotten about it we’d encourage you to send in at least the MINIMUM PAYMENT of $12.45 today, by using the SASE enclosed for your convenience. Please return your payment by October 15, 2009 so that we can credit your account immediately and you can continue to enjoy all the benefits of the XYZ product [service, magazine, etc.].

I look forward to receiving your payment soon and clearing up your account status. If this letter arrived while your check was in the mail, please disregard this note with our apologies.


A. J. White
For XYZ Corporation

P.S. You’re welcomed to pay the whole BALANCE DUE at this time to prevent any future notices and keep our overhead to a minimum — a saving which is passed directly on to you in the form of a top-notch product still offered at a very affordable price.

P.P.S. You can also visit our web site to make your payment easily online.