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How to use the Odd-Page and Even-Page Breaks in MS Word 2007

© Ugur Akinci

Imagine you need to flow your story only on the odd-numbered pages of your document and reserve the even-numbered pages only for images that go with the relevant odd-number page.

The document you have in mind is one when opened the reader would see the image on the left and read the story of the image on the right.

There are many ways to accomplish this design ideal in MS Word 2007. Here is one such solution by using two special page breaks: odd-page and even-page breaks.

Follow these steps:

  1. Start with the cover of your document. Then select the Page Layout tab.
  2. Select Breaks > Odd Page to insert an odd-page break. This will push you directly to the third page.
  3. Enter the text content. Repeat the same step to move on to page #5.
  4. Repeat until you place all your content to odd numbered pages.
  5. Go back to cover page. Before the odd-page break, select Breaks > Even Page to advance to page #2. Enter the image. Then enter another even-page break to advance to the 4th page. Repeat until you place all your images into even numbered pages. Your document should look like this: