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Internship Opportunities in Washington D.C. Metro Area

There are many resources for finding an internship in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

STC WDCB Chapter’s Employment Resources page on the WDCB Jobs Board now includes an Internships section at

Check it out today!

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Exceptional Free Web Sites for MS Word 2007 and 2010 Certification Quizzes

© Ugur Akinci

There are a number of web sites out there promising to offer free quizzes for those who are getting prepared for MS Word certification exams.

But let me tell you right away, most of them have very little real value since they reprint the very same set of prep questions. They all look like affiliate sites using the very same canned material over and over again.

All of them present 10 to 20 questions with answers printed right after the question, which immediately kills the suspense and surprise element of course. Then they try to sell you “preparation guides” (a downloadable PDF file) that vary in price from $39 all the way up to a hundred dollars or more.

After a long search on the Internet, I found two free sites that are clearly head and shoulders above all others. These are actually designed as companion to a main book or course, which you have to buy separately. But the very detailed self-test quizzes themselves are free.

There are around 250 quiz questions in all, presented in 24 or 25 individual chapters.

After each set of 10 questions, you can hit the SUBMIT button and see your score.

The questions are not all easy. You’ll be challenged pleasantly even if you’ve been using Word for a number of years.

I suspect, once you start getting at least 9 out of every 10 questions correct, you’ll be in a much better shape to take on the certification exam. Of course I cannot guarantee that you’ll pass the test but still I honestly believe that these quizzes will help you prepare for Microsoft’s exam.

Here are these sites for MS Word 2007 and MS Word 2010:

MS Word 2007 Certification Quiz

MS Word 2010 Certification Quiz


Compatibility Mode in MS Word 2013

© Ugur Akinci

When you open a Word file in MS Word 2013, you’ll sometimes see a “Comparability Mode” note right next to the file name:

MS Word 2013 Compatibility Mode


This means the file was originally created in an older version of MS Word.

Working in Compatibility Mode

If you continue to work in Compatibility Mode and save your changes, you can still open and view the file in an earlier version of MS Word with all the present features and last-saved edits.

Converting to MS Word 2013

However, if you wish, you can also convert the file to Word 2013 by clicking File > Info >Compatibility Mode:

MS Word 2013 Compatibility Mode BUTTON


WARNING: However, once you do that, none of the changes you make in Word 2013 will be available in an earlier version of Word. When you open the same file in an earlier version, the 2013-version changes will not be available and there may even be certain layout changes to the document. So convert the file only if your readers will not try to open it in an earlier version of Word.

Checking for Compatibility

Word provides a very useful tool to check the 2013 features in the file that would not be compatible with an earlier version of Word.

Select File > Info > Check for Issues:

MS Word 2013 Compatibility Mode INSPECT DOCUMENT


Click Check for Compatibility to display the Compatibility Checker dialog box:

MS Word 2013 Compatibility Mode COMPATIBILITY CHECKER

From the drop-down list select the earlier version of Word you like and Word 2013 will display if there are any incompatibilities or not. In the above example, there are no compatibility issues, which means, if I save this file as a Word 2013 document the reader should be able to open and read it in any earlier version of Word.

Here is another document with one Word 97-2003 compatibility issue caught by Word 2013:

MS Word 2013 Compatibility Mode COMPATIBILITY CHECKER 2