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How to Become a Better Technical Writer

By Swadesh Rohilla

What are the secrets of quality technical writing? Why most of the people fail to get desirable results though their writing? The answer to such questions can be obtained here.

There are many people engaged in editing jobs, who claim to offer best technical writing. However in most of the cases, people found that their claims are false. In reality it needs good knowledge and skills to gain proficiency in this art. It is termed as an art because the prime requirement for this form of writing is the complete technical knowledge of the subject you are working for as well as the way how you can present it so to make the readers attract to read it.

In most of the cases, writers usually have one thing out of the two. They either know how to write attractive content without technical knowledge or they have good technical know but poor writing skills. In both the cases the person will not get the desired output.

So if you want to hire a technical writer or if you want to gain proficiency in this art then here are few secrets unrevealed just for you:

• Do good research of the subject: To begin with, it is very important to first of all do good research before starting to write. Research here does not mean, simply typing the keyword in search engines and start working on the first result you got. It can be termed as rewriting or editing or anything but it is surely not what is required! So do good research, devote time and take in use good sources like Wikipedia. This will help you get well acquainted with the subject.

• Follow creative writing rules: Once you have complete knowledge of the technical subject you should start working keeping in mind the basic creative writing rules. These rules include, making attractive headings, using short sentences, citing examples wherever necessary and avoiding unnecessary repetition of words. Most writers just fill useless words to increase the word length. By this way, though they get their work completed easily but what about the purpose? Well, who cares for purpose!

• No grammatical errors: Though this rule needs to come first in the row but still it matters not if you consider it. For any form of writing, it is important that it should be free from grammatical errors. You can use the spell checker to check the spellings but that is not totally effective. In addition you need to proofread your work to find out the errors if any.

• No copy paste: Finally please have some respect for the trade that is enabling you to earn! Many writers (though you should not call them writers) just try shuffling of words to make their work look unique. Usually it happens with technical writing where most of the words just bounce from their head and so instead of improving their knowledge they try to copy others work. Remember there are software available that can check such duplicate work like copyscape, dupefree etc.

So, these are few technical writing secrets that can do wonders for you. Follow them and get desired results.

For technical writing, it is very important to have full knowledge of the subject. You can even take the help of content providing companies to get good stuff. For more information you can visit this website,

1 comment to How to Become a Better Technical Writer

  • I’d like to add another qualification that should go at the very beginning – KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. It doesn’t matter how much research you do on the project or how good your writing skills are if you do not direct the material to the correct individuals. You can write all you want about a trading application, but if the main readers are the end-users (i.e., traders) and you include technical jargon there which is needed by computer developers, you’ve failed in your mission to create a good document. You need to get information into that document which focuses on what the traders need to know to run that application. The focus will be on the business usage. This focus STARTS OUT with a thorough knowledge of your audience.

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