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Texas Tech Offers Exemplary Program in Technical Communication

The number of colleges offering a technical communication degree or technical writing certificate is steadily increasing. Most of them are offered through the English departments. That’s also the case at Texas Tech but the depth of TT program is really admirable.

Consider these facts:

Texas Tech Degree Programs in Technical Communication

1. Texas Tech offers not only a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Technical Communication but a Doctoral degree (Ph.D.) as well. How many universities you know offer that?

The full names of the Degree Programs are:

BATC:  Bachelor of Arts in Technical Communication
MATC:  Master of Arts in Technical Communication
(onsite and online)
PhD-TCR:  PhD in Technical Communication and Rhetoric (onsite and online)

2. The program boasts a faculty of 16 tenure-line faculty members specialize in technical communication and rhetoric, offering expertise in a range of areas.

3. The department is home to a student chapter of the Society for Technical Communication, Technical Communication Quarterly (edited by Amy Koerber) and the web site of the Association of Teachers of Technical Writing.

4. The students have access to 5 computer classrooms and Multiple Literacy Lab (MuLL) which provides services and technology for new media design.

5. The program reportedly also has a job placement program for its graduates which is said to be “excellent.”

By all measures, this is a program that takes technical communication seriously. It might be worth your while to check it out if you’re looking forward to bolster your career with a formal degree or two.

For further information, please contact the Director of Technical Communication, Dr. Thomas Barker, or the Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Joyce Locke Carter.

Web site:

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