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MS Word 2010 - How to Create a Database for Mail Merge

Word 2010© Ugur Akinci

In another post I’ve explained how MS Word 2010 mail merge works and why do we need a database TABLE for it.

The question is, what kind of database tables would MS Word 2010 accept?

Answer: quite a few.

You can, for example, create a MS EXCEL database table. That would be perfect.

Word accepts MS ACCESS databases tables as well.

You can use a simple Word table that displays the VARIABLE names on the first row and individual records on the following rows.

For example:

Name Last Name Day Time Place
Bob Smith Saturday 11 a.m. South Room
Jane Doe Monday 2 p.m. North Office

And lastly, you can use any text editor including the Notepad to create a DELIMITED TEXT FILE in which the variables (data fields) are separated from one another by a comma, tab character, with each data record separated from one another by a HARD RETURN (i.e., each record on a new line).

For example:

Name,Last Name,Day,Time,Place

Bob,Smith,Saturday,11 a.m.,South Room

Jane,Doe,Monday,2 p.m.,North Office

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5 comments to MS Word 2010 – How to Create a Database for Mail Merge

  • I solely started off publishing e books to produce a little bit of supplemental income, soon after you secure your 1st sale, its addicting

    • Weston, I know what you mean. Writing and publishing ebooks can be addictive indeed, especially when they start to sell 🙂 Good observation. Take care. Ugur

  • Kim H

    Title does NOT match contents of this entry. So…HOW TO YOU CREATE A DATABASE IN WORD 2010?

    • Kim, thanks for the feedback. We checked the article and the title does seem to match the content: how to create a database to use for MS Word mail merge operations. Have we missed something? Please advise. Best regards, Ugur

  • Gena

    Kim is corrected. You have describe how to make a database but not how to link it to Mail Merge.

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