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How to Browse Your MS Word 2007 Document by Objects

© 2011 Ugur Akinci

Did you know that you can browse your MS Word 2007 document one table, one comment, or a footnote at a time?

This is probably one of the least used functionalities in MS Word 2007 because the SELECT BROWSE OBJECT button that controls this wonderful function is hidden at the bottom of the vertical scroll bar:

MS Word 2007 Select Browse Object 1

When you click this button, MS Word 2007 displays all the objects with which you can browse your document:

MS Word 2007 Select Browse Object 2


BOTTOM ROW (Left to Right): Browse by TABLE, by GRAPHIC, HEADING, EDITS, FIND and GO TO.

For example:

When you have a 1,000 page Word document and you want to jump from one table to the next, you don’t need to search for it through the FIND dialog box by entering the title of the next table. That takes just too long and the chances are you wouldn’t have that information anyways.

Instead, just click the SELECT BROWSE OBJECT button, then click the TABLE icon, and bingo!  You’ll be transported immediately to the next table in your document. Sweet!

To go back and forth between the tables (or any other OBJECT you’ve selected) use the PREVIOUS and NEXT buttons on the scroll strip:

MS Word 2007 Browse by Object

2 comments to How to Browse Your MS Word 2007 Document by Objects

  • Paul Lentz

    I can understand why this is little used, at least in the Mac version of MS Word 2011 V 14.3.0: it doesn’t work. I tried to set browse object to “heading”; nothing happened when clicking up/down double arrows. I tried to reset to “page,” nothing happened. It does work with the “find” function (and still won’t reset to “page”). I’ve no tables, comments, footnotes, etc. so haven’t tried other “objects.” Any thoughts on what the problem is would be much appreciated.

  • Paul, thanks for writing but I have no experience with the Mac version of Word 2011. I’m mostly a Windows guy. Sorry about that. All I can say is, this feature works pretty well on a Windows machine. Ugur

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