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How to Convert ALL CAPS to Upper-and-Lower Case Letters in MS Word 2010

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© Ugur Akinci

Here is a useful tip that may one day save you precious time effort when editing a MS Word 2010 document.

Imagine you have a text or list which is typed in ALL CAPS:

MS Word 2010 Convert All Caps to Upper and Lower Case Letters 1

How are you going to convert this list into a normal upper-and-lower case text?


Follow these steps:

(1) Select the whole text.

(2) Press SHIFT + F3 and the text is transformed into an all lower-case formats:

MS Word 2010 Convert All Caps to Upper and Lower Case Letters 2

(3) Press SHIFT + F3 one more time and the first letter of every line/sentence is re-converted to upper-case:

MS Word 2010 Convert All Caps to Upper and Lower Case Letters 3

Don’t forget to do any minor edits that’s necessary, like (in the above example) typing an upper-case “E” for “english”, etc.


17 comments to How to Convert ALL CAPS to Upper-and-Lower Case Letters in MS Word 2010

  • Connie Balcher

    Thanks for the tip. I had no idea about this, and it will save me lots of time.

  • Rod

    Great Tip.
    Thank you.

  • Jenny

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! This saved me so much time at work.

  • outtanames999

    This built in functionality in Word is actually not that useful to anyone who spends a lot of time in word (I wrote a book in Word). In Word 2003 I assigned a macro to a key combination Ctrl Shift K that enabled me to cycle through all lowercase, Title Case, UPPERCASE, and Small Caps. That was very useful. Guess I’ll have to recreate in Word 2010.

  • Becca

    However, each of the items in the list look as if they are titles of chapters in a book or sections of a presentation. Each word should be capitalized sans articles and short prepositions. For example:

    3. Characteristics of a Good Technical Writer

    • Becca, thanks for the feedback. Technically you’re correct of course but those lists are provided only to illustrate the technique in question. Thanks for contributing to TCC. Regards, Ugur

  • James Thomas

    This did not work with Word X for Mac

    • James, thanks for writing. That may very well be the case. All the posts in this blog are written for Windows machines unless it’s stated otherwise.

  • Grant

    Thank you for that. Do you have a list of other shortcuts with their functions? Best to know before I get inquisitive and press something like shift-F5 then find later that, for example, something like the 5th word on every 5th page has been altered. Please email me as well as responding to this forum.

  • Thomas Bitner

    The question I read dealt with Excel, not Word. Word has a ribbon button that does the conversion – Excel doesn’t.

  • jimstark

    This shortcut only brought up the paragragh options. In Word 10 this function is on the Home ribbon in the font area. Hover until you see Change Case.

  • Sheri Zimmerman

    GREAT TIP!! I was hoping to find out if there is a way to turn text into ALL CAPS?? Thanks :-)

  • Shirley M. Leopold

    Thanks so much for this shortcut info…what a time saver. Is there such a thing as a list of short cuts that I could print out to have on hand?

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