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How to Add Comments to an OpenOffice Writer Document

© Ugur Akinci

Adding comments to an OpenOffice Writer document is very easy.

First, place your cursor to where you’d lşke to make a comment.

Then either select Insert > Comment from the main menu or press Ctrl + Alt + N (Windows).

This will insert a comment box, ready for your text entry.

Repeat the same for as many comments as you like.

If you send the document to another reader, he or she can add a new set of comments as well.

When the document comes back to you you can delete either that specific comment, the comments of a specific author, or all comments.

Do delete one or more comments, you need the click the drop-down arrow inside the comment box to reveal the small pop-up menu:

OO Comments

OpenOffice’s comment functionality is not as evolved and sophisticated as that of MS Word but it will still serve your needs if all you need is make and exchange comments on a document.

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