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U.S. States with the Largest Gain in Technical Writers in 2012

  1. Illinois

  2. Wisconsin 

  3. Arizona

  4. Utah

  5. North Carolina

  6. Alabama

  7. New Jersey

  8. Minnesota

  9. Connecticut

  10. West Virginia

(Source: STC)


Illinois — this is a state in deep financial and fiscal trouble. To hear that tech writing opportunities have expanded in 2012 despite all that is pleasantly surprising. It shows the kind of real need for technical communicators in manufacturing, commerce and the service sectors.

West Virginia — again, this is a poor state with high unemployment that even tried casinos and gambling to make the ends meet. It’s great to hear that tech writers are doing better these days in WV.

Alabama — For some reason I never associated this state with a vibrant and expanding market for tech writers. Glad to learn that I’d been wrong.


New Jersey — but of course! NJ is one of the great industrial states of Mid-Atlantic with an equally strong service sector. Where else tech writers supposed to find employment?

North Carolina — Research Triangle and great universities. Do I need to say more?


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